Ang Republika Federal sg Kabisay-an (The Federal Republic of the Visayas)

Historical Facts obviously omitted or deliberately hidden in our School History Books
(Source: History Reborn"The Federal Republic of the Visayas" -by: dinggol a.divinagracia*June 12, 2007)

*That Spain had already formally surrendered to the Federal Republic of the Visayas even before Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo was proclaimed Philippine President in Malolos, Bulacan on January 23, 1899. That our Independent Visayan Republic, had never been under the authority and jurisdiction of Aguinaldo's "Katagalogan" Republic in Luzon.

excerpted: "...A paper written by Jose Manuel Velmonte, a research associate at the UP Third World Studies Center, found that the Visayan revolutionary elites not only had sophisticated political ideas but also resented attempts by Malolos to assert its authority. A Tagalog military expedition sent by Malolos to Panay to assert its presence was met with hostility. The Luzon force led by Generals Ananias Diocno and Leandro Fullon was regarded by the Visayan revolutionaries, led by the Visayan supremo, Gen. Martin Delgado, as an ''invasion'' force ..." (Source: Inquirer-1999- 06-13 "View of revolt in provinces spurs revision" By: Amando Doronila)

According to Dr. Luis C.Dery, an eminent Filipino Scholar: "Expounding the extent of Aguinaldo's Philippine Army; the Bangsamoro nation's Mindanao, Sulu, and the rest of its islands never fell under Aguinaldo's politico-military control and sovereignty. In fact as late as August 1898 much of northern Luzon, southern Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao remained outside of the control of Aguinaldo's Republic. Thus, several military expeditions were sent to these places to bring' them to recognize the First Philippine Republic."

*That the 1898 Treaty of Paris preliminaries, should not have included territories of the sovereign "Visayan Nation"; the confederation of both the Central and Western Visayas Cantonal Governments by virtue of Spain's formal surrender prior to this U.S. and Spain treaty of peace (Paris) and the $20-million buy-out. Spain had no more legal rights to sell. In legal parlance "nemodat quod non habet” -meaning “you cannot give what is not yours”.

This diplomatic "Faux pas" that was supposed to be officially consummated and became legal and internationally binding only on APRIL 11, 1899 should, or rather must be rectified.
*June 12, 1898 -Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed Philippine Independence from Spain in Kawit, Cavite --but never won the war against Spain, as explained in the infamous betrayal --the "Mock Battle of Manila of August 13, 1898".

*Nov. 6 & Dec. 23, 1898 -Spain formally surrendered to both; the Negros Republic that merged (Dec. 2, 1898) with the Federal Republic of the Visayas based in Iloilo (respectively)

excerpted: "...These two nations, from a purely legal point of view, are COMPLETELY LEGITIMATE UNTIL TODAY. This could imply that the Manila-based Tagalista-oriented Unitarian central government of the Philippines in the Visayas and Mindanao is an Occupational Government, that ultimately originated from an invalid Treaty of Paris...."

Dr. Jose P. Dacudao; National President -Save Our Languages thru Federalism Foundation (SOLFED), Inc.

*July 4, 1946 -The United States of America granted Philippine Independence on a silver platter with strings attached.

"True Independence could never be just self-proclaimed nor bestowed upon, it has to be won and duly achieved with dignity" -- dinggol araneta divinagracia (Founder: Ilonggo Nation Movement (INM) Global Network ..Dec. 25, 2005)

*A lover of nature and reform activities by profession; a genealogist and environmentalist by avocation. A Cooperative Movement advocate, history buff and an amateur "newbie" writer)

"It is rather speculative as it is without basis of history if we mean of "history" is that which had been written for us by the "tutas" or lackeys of our colonial and imperial masters.." -- Benjie Evicner Estuche (INM Co-Founder)

The Cooperative Movement-"It is not the best way, it is the onlyway"..
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"ACTA DE CAPITULACION~1898" (The Formal Surrender Document)

"ACTA DE CAPITULACION~1898" (The Formal Surrender Document)
*Nov. 6 & Dec. 23, 1898 -Spain formally surrendered to both; the Negros Republic that merged (Dec. 2, 1898) with the Federal Republic of the Visayas based in Iloilo (respectively)
Ergo! we won our battle-scarred freedom and legitimate independence and became a sovereign nation. The "First" Republic in the whole of Asia, but was nipped-in-the bud by the ugly Americans. A diplomatic faux pas, a political blunder and a travesty of history! --dinggol.d~~~


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*Federalism in the Philippines*Reaction to"Cry of Sta. Barbara"*Bayanikasan*Federation of Mindanao * Mindanao Economy * Announcements * Chickens & Egg. * Who's Colored?* ===========================================================================
Today in History!

(By: dinggol araneta divinagracia -INM Banwa_Mo -December 2, 2007)
Federalism in the Philippines was first articulated by the ilonggos during the 1898 Revolution, one hundred nine years ago. The Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Visayas and Mindanao; proclaimed during the November 17th “Cry of Sta. Barbara” in Iloilo, was replaced by the revolutionary leaders on November 23, 1898 to a politico-military government composed only of the Visayas after the Spanish garrison in Salog (Jaro) capitulated comparable to the "Siege of Baler" in Tayabas (Quezon) after about a year later..
They preferred instead a federal arrangement composed of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao as a logical substitute because of its indigenous elements.

 On December 2, 1898, after series of serious discussions and thorough deliberations, with the merger of the Central and Western Visayas Cantonal Governments  --the Panay government, based in Iloilo was renamed "Estado Federal de Bisayas" or Federal Republic of the Visayas, patterned after the U.S. Federal and Cantonal government of the Swiss Confederation.

Earlier, Gen. Roque Lopez and Gen. Pablo Araneta of Iloilo secretly maintained liaison with their “Parientes“ and friends in Negros Island; Gen. Aniceto Lacson of Talisay, Gen. Juan “Tan Juan” Araneta of Bago, Gen. Marciano Araneta of La Carlota, Gen. Leandro Locsin of Silay and others to start the armed uprising against the Spanish forces in their areas.
Gen. Pablo Araneta, a Physician-Surgeon by profession, as Panay Island Commanding General and Chief-Expeditionary Forces for the Visayas under Martin Delgado (Gen-en-Gefe), commissioned Colonels Eduardo and Emilio Esteban to coordinate with other Visayan Revolucionarios. While the Negros revolutionary leadership also assigned Gen. Pantaleon “Leon Kilat“ Villegas of Bacong, Negros Oriental to organize the Cebuano patriots and join in the revolution.

It is worthy to note, that evidently --the Spanish Government in the Philippines, formally surrendered to both the Independent Negros Republic on November 6, 1898 and to the FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF THE VISAYAS on December 23rd of the same year.
It is regrettable, however, that the heroic triumph of the Visayan Patriots who successfully established an independent and sovereign Nation, became a travesty of history --when modern imperialism substituted centuries of colonialism.
Adding insult to injury, minions and lackeys of the victors relegated this events to the dustbin of history; forgotten in the memories of the young; to be erased in the minds of future generations.
Hence, the Ilonggo Nation Movement's bold attempt to revive this glorious era of the yesteryears and commemorate --the birth of Federalism in the Philippines.

!Here's an anniversary comment taken from Manuel Luis Quezon-III(MLQ3) blogsite:
"Manolo, Resil Mojares’s paper delivered at the recent conference on Political Reform and Charter Change, says the Ilonggos (even before the birth of Salvador Araneta) first articulated the federalist dream. He says that in 1898, leaders in Iloilo formed the Federal State of the Visayas, anticipating that a Federal Republic of the Philippines, composed of three states — Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao — would be formed by the Aguinaldo government.

Mojares further points out that in 1899, some “eminent” Filipinos submitted to the Philippine Commission a draft for a Federal Republic of the Philippines with 11 states. The Ilocano intellectual Isabelo de los Reyes also proposed in 1900 a federal constitution with 7 states.

The Tagalogs, of course, were not dreaming of federalism but of a unitary state, with themselves at the helm.

(Sheila Coronel said this on July 29th, 2005 at 3:57 pm)
 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ oo0oo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Reaction to previous article: “The Cry of Sta. Barbara” in Iloilo.
(From Mr. Oscar Apostol & also our highlighted italic remarks)
While we respect others opinion and admire the courage and patriotism displayed by the Tagalogs, albeit unsuccessful armed revolution that started with the "Cry of Pugad Lawin" in Balintawak; we are also proud of the ilonggo Revolucionarios who participated in the "Cry of Sta. Barbara" in Iloilo that culminated in victory against Spanish subjugation and gave birth to an independent and sovereign Nation --the Federal
Republic of the Visayas.----------------------------------------------------
Mr. O.A.: I am somewhat perplexed as to the content and tone of this article. From historical perspective it is interesting to a point. However, I have a feeling the author has a hidden agenda.
Remarks: It's obviously clear, our detractor did not take initiative to view the source cited at the end of the article --everything is contained therein...for all to see at: (
Mr. O.A.: There is an implicit message to endorse and inhance larger roles for the Ilongos in the fight for independence. It won't happen. They fought bravely and heroically I am sure but why is this surfacing now? It is late in the game. Next thing you know the author would cry foul for making
Tagalog the national language of the Philippines.
Remarks: Again, I say go to: . Gen. Aguinaldo's troops, won several battles --BUT NEVER THE WAR against Spain. While evidently, the duly constituted Spanish authorities formally surrendered to both the Negros Republic and the Federal Republic of the Visayas.
"True Independence could never be just self-proclaimed (in Kawit, Cavite) nor bestowed upon (July 4, 1946), it has to be won and duly achieved"
Yes! we vehemently oppose a Filipino-coated "purely Tagalog" national language
Mr. O.A.: Did the Philippine history overlook many of these brave and heroic people mentioned in this article? Is the purpose of this article to correct the omissions? And why is there grandstanding demonstrated and at the same time belittling Aguinaldo? Is the author opposed to a united Philippines? If so, for God sake, the Philippines has enough problems to deal with for the next thousand years. What is the point? It is difficult to rewrite history, period.
Remarks: AGAIN! I say, go to: . We agree, that the Philippines has more than enough problems brought about by the present system, a Manila-based unitarian centrist government. ----------------
It is, therefore, imperative for a paradigm shift to FEDERALISM!

Mr. O.A.: Years ago, when I was an officer and quite active in the Jaycees in San Francisco, I strongly discouraged new recruits from identifying their provinces of birth. That way we would start thinking we are all Filipinos (as Jose Rizal much earlier urged for a Filipino identity).
It was Jose Rizal, I recall, who said: "Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa kanyang pinangalingan, ay............."-------------------------------
Mr. O.A.: Americans look at us as Filipinos, not Visayans or Ilocanos. I did not want to perpetuate discrimination among our people. We may have different social and political backgrounds, but hey we are one people. We have difficulty assimilating so why add another layer of problems among our on?
Remarks: Americans themselves, are likewise, proud being Texans, Californians, New Yorkers, Virginians, etc..etc.. Why give importance, on how they look at us?
As Visayans, Mindanaonons, Ilocanos, Bicolanos, Tagalogs, etc., we sometimes do not see eye-to-eye, but as Filipinos, we can always go hand-in-hand.
Mr. O.A.: If the intent is to educate or clarify so be it. It is not a unifying article and most non-Ilongos will ignore it for a good reason. It is not worth it to open a can of worms. Most people do not care.
--Oscar Apostol.
There was deliberate design by lackeys of the victors; to alter, omit and relegate to the dustbin of history, glorious events in the past. And this may be true not only in the Visayas and Mindanao, but maybe also in Ilocandia, Bicol and other Regions in Luzon. We read school books mostly depicting only the saga of Aguinaldo and company --glamorizing the losers of the Revolution.--------------
The Ilonggo Nation Movement, recently discovered and exposed this can of worms.
Perhaps, it is for this reason --that last NOVEMBER 6, 2007 --the long overdue historical marker to commemorate the formal Surrender of Spain to the Independent Negros Republic was inveiled by the National Historical Institute (NHI) in Bacolod City only after 109 years.
~~~sa guihapon...dinggol a.divinagracia~~~
The Bayanikasan Constitution-Effective Democracy For All
--The brainchild of Dr. Araneta was based on Philconsa studies (1968 to 1971). It called for a Federal Republic of the Philippines. Because it proposed many drastic reforms that would require time before people would accept the terms, Araneta envisioned this to be adopted in 10 to 20 years.--PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY; DEMOCRATIZATION OF WEALTH: A COLLECTIVE LEADERSHIP THROUGH THE TROIKA; MODERATING POWERS IN THE GOVERNMENT; A SEMI-UNITARY GOVERNMENT WITH LOCAL AUTONOMY, WERE ALL PART OF HIS VISION FOR THE FUTURE.
The Federal form of government would separate Muslim Mindanao from Christian Mindanao; for greater participation from Christian Mindanao; for greater participation in government, the state would promote the establishment of non profit institutions and foundations that would participate; in nation building with involvement in government affairs especially in legislation and socio economic development.
ARTICLE 83 – called for the termination of the treaty allowing the U.S. to maintain based in the Philippines and to work for the international neutralization of the republic of the Philippines.
--ARTICLE 44 – to remedy the backlog of cases for “speedy and equal justice for all,” it was proposed that a constitutional and Special Courts of original jurisdiction under it, be created to handle all cases involving public law, so that the exixting Judiciary will only have jurisdiction over private law cases. It also urged the creation of temporary additional divisions in the Supreme Court and Court af Appeals and temporary courts of First Instance to exclusively hear and dispose of the backload of cases. Further to reduce the kinds of cases that may be appealed to the court of Appeals and to the Supreme Court.--ARTICLE 24 – the creation of the NEDA for achieving a sustainable economy to formulate, in consultation with the NACE (National Authority on Culture and Education) definite national economic and social policies, taking into account the limited fuel resources and foreign exchangae, the high cost of foreign fund, the need to return to a less sophisticated way of life and to nature and the simple way of life in the tropics, the evils of pollution, the need to provide proper balance of available physical and spiritual work to all, and in sum, the promotion of the Bayanikasan way of life and the national purpose. (See Section 4 of the proposed Ordinance)--ARTICLE 65 provides – to solve the problem of inflation exiting at the (then) rate of 15% to 20% a year an to simultaneously solve the problem of unemployment – a policy of full employment must be carried out.Unemployment which cannot be absorbed by normal work opportunities could be taken over by such projects, as follows:--1. A vast reforestation program program for flood control and tree fuel source;
2. A bold housing located in new industrial estates;
3. Essential infrastructure;
4. A bold program of rural school building;
5. A program of high school and vocational and academic courses at every municipality;
6. A program of colleges and universities in every province;
7. A bold program of hospital builsings using medicines from our flora and fauna along with western medicines, accessible to all families;
8. Rapid, efficient and maximum development of all new natural resources. Giving high priority to those that are inexhaustible such as the sun wind and the tide and the maximum attention to our water, mangrove, geothermal, petroleum, coal, lime and mineral resources.
9. Reclamation of our huge marshes leaving about one forth untouched to preserve the ecological balance, three – fourths thereof to be used to convert adjoining blocks: fishponds of about 2 hectares each, alternating with areas to be used for agricultural of urban purpose, of about one hectare each. The urban area shall not extend to one-tenth of the agricultural area which will be irrigated with excess water from the fishponds.
10. The use of water resources from all our rivers for mini or medium-sized hydroelectric power; also for irrigation and water conservation.
Editors Note:
The above item, is a capsulized presentation of the "Bayanikasan" concept --were secured,
thanks to Ma. Lina Araneta-Santiago, daughter of the late Dr. Salvador Z. Araneta and
Victoria Ledesma Lopez de Araneta.
Federation of Mindanao?
(By: Nathanael"Nat" Gerochi Duenas -INM: BurlingameCA-USA)
The Federalization concept is the ultimate resolution to the Muslim conflict giving recognition for the rights of a group of people to govern themselves as provided for the UN Resolution on self-determination and the regional autonomy to our regional unique differences in language, culture and traditions.
--The historical birth of the Republic of the Philippines in 1946 was a convenience for the America commonwealth system to relinquish its colonizing obligations and reparations of World War II 'granting independence' with 'strings attached' of economic exploitation with no social conscience.--The Bangsa Moro and its traditional social and political heirarchy had always been correct in their persistent demands of recognition, as ancestral indigeous peoples of the islands.--The Republic must embrace 'all our people' regardless of their regional differences in language, religious affiliations, culture and heritage. The 1997 Indigenous Peoples Act mandates this recognition and equitable acceptance in the same manner that the Federation of Malaysian States (1946) embraced the presence and significance of their unique societies within each Sultanates that presently comprises the 14 Autonomous States.
If the predominant 'Christian population' tolerates the various Christian sects to co-exist, other religious affiliations and beliefs guaranteed by the Constitution must co-exist too i.e. the Buddist, Taoist, Islam, Bahai, etc.
The Government of the People is required to accept all our people regardless of their religious inclinations or the absence of it. The primary function of government for which the Republic is tasked to provide public service must not selectively discriminate its own people that created government or has not participated in creating government by discriminating them.
A Federation shall include all the regional autonomy all over the 7101 islands - not Mindanao alone. The clamor for regional autonomy is not confined to Mindanao or to the Bangsa Moro alone. Other regions have signified the need for a regional autonomy to be able to address their regional concerns better than the present centralized system offered by Malacanyang.
The Republic is not MetroManila leadership. A Federation consist of varous State Leaderships emanating from the regional autonomous states sharing a common love for a Nation, a collective endeavor based on a solidarity for a common cause - a sharing of anguish and suffering, of rewards and resources, of success and happiness. This is seldom heard in the politics of a centralized MetroManila leadership - to provide a collective effort of improving a favored region because of a sincerity in seeing the regional citizenship the realization of their dreams and enjoy a better quality of life?
What happened to Mindanao and far flung communities from the MetroManila leadership has its historical roots from a centralized system introduced by the Spaniards and later on by the Americans. The centralized system never 'trusted' our regional leadership and capabilities despite the emergence of a new and modern society with technologies and the 85% literacy of our people.
To accept regional autonomy is to entrust once again to our people their rights to govern themselves and rely on their regional resources to collectively assist each other during times of need and a federated system that can extend an impounded resources of alleviating a regional cause or need. This is a better alternative than the present 'patronage politics' or dependence to the 'central Malacanyang Palace'.
--The word 'palace' of the monarchy or the Sultan's palace of the traditional ancestral domain of the regional sultanate connotes the 'colonial' recognition of a 'Governor's Palace' as the seat of governance with its slave subjects. The semantics of a 'White House' as the 'home of the peoples ruler' has a tenure of office. The palace connotes permanence and lifetime tenure as the Monarchy of England, a titular recognition. The INK's palace or the Bishops' palace are nomenclature of respect for our religious belief and culture. We need to rely more in the system of governance, instead of looking up to the 'mansion or the palace' for leadership in public service.--Present modern public service management systems allow a 'City Manager or Administrator' to perform the duties of operating a governmental unit. In a Federated system like Malaysia, the autonomous States has a titular recognition of the Sultanate and the Sultan's traditional 'royal lineage' as inherent of their culture. The affairs of public service is provided by the Chief Minister (comparable to a US State Governor) for which the 14 Chief Ministers are under the Prime Minister which manages the whole nation.
If this system works for the Federated States of Malaysia and other similar federated systems, I do not see why it will not work for us. Eliminating the protracted war in Mindanao and giving responsibilities to our autonomous regions, the 'rebellions' and the 'unrest' or banditry will be confined at the regional level without disrupting the program of governance of the rest of the regions under the federation.
--This will also make the Military under the Federation together with other 'federal agencies' responsible in over-seeing the autonomous regions compliance to 'national interest' and its constitutional duties of protecting the interest of the people and the sovereignity of the nation. The weaker regions will then be supported by the collective federated fund contribution of each, thereby eliminating the extreme poverty situation of the present day communities.--The OFW Remittance can further support the autonomous regions instead of just the urban centers.--Corruption will be minimized and readily monitored with swift action at the regional levels judicial courts.
Public Service quality will improve with 75% of the revenue share remaining in the region and the collective 25% (x 18 regions) of regional contribution to the national coffer will suffice to sustain federal operations.
Editors Note:
INM Banwa_Mo Member Nathanael"Nat"John Gerochi Duenas has a short stint in the
AFP as Special Task Force Supervisor in middle 1980's assigned to combat global fraud and
international money laundering. He was a former Technical Consultant to the late Sultan
Muhammad Mahakuttah Kiram - Sultanate of Sulu.
Architect "Nat" helped organized Katilingban sa Kaayuhan sang Komonidad (KKK) in Pavia,
Iloilo that greatly influenced the final decision making --this area the site of the Regional
Industrial Center in Western Visayas.
Presently, he is very active in several Fil-Am eFora.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oo0oo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Jump-Starting the Mindanao Economy
(By: Benjamin “Benjie” Estuche -INM: Ft.LauderdaleFlorida-USA)
!!!!!!!!!!!It is interesting how well-meaninged Christians see that "the greatest asset we have in Mindanao is the Bangsa Moro, etecetera."
Of course, Filipino politicians see that long ago with the idea of an autonomous region in order to hide the fact that there is, in reality, buried under the ocean bed of the Mindanao Deep, the #2 energy source of the future, Deuterium.
The #1 energy source is the inspiration behind Dan Brown's book overshadowed by the best-seller the Da Vinci Code, about Angels and Demons. In the book, Brown wrote about a clandestine laboratory, CERN, experimenting on producing energy through the synthesis of matter and anti-matter.
A few pages down this INM website is a posting about this water-based mineral called Deuterium, the exploration of which had been suggested by a group of OFWs experienced in oil-exploration and drilling.
It is more interesting than the Dan Brown's best-seller to realize that the Philippine Government never entertained the idea seriously and well-meaninged Christians are now involved in placating the sensibilities of our Muslim Brothers of the Bangsa Moro Nations in presenting overtures of economic development spurred by the "exclusive trade to the Muslim Economy" using our backdoors in importing cheap OPEC oil and exporting agricultural products.
Five Decades ago, the great Filipino (and Ilonggo) Nationalist and Economists, Dr. Salvador Araneta wrote about Economic Nationalism based on the theory that economic development of a Third-World country such as ours could not rest mainly on agri-based trade but in the development of capital products which is, simply put, INDUSTRIALIZATION. Capital products are those that are used to produce other economic products. Dr. Araneta wrote this inspite of the fact that he owned and ran an agricultural school by that time.
The Philippines is a consumer economy. Most of the people's expenditures are spent on consumer goods and they are, therefore, called, end-users.In other words, the money spent by end-users are called "patay nga parada'" because the buck that ends in Juan's pocket left him and the buck does not intend to return there but in the bank accounts of the middle-men and the mall-owners, three of which are not even real Filipinos (refer to 2006 1000 richest men of the world in fortune magazine).
Durian, mangosteen, pineapples, bananas, etcetera, that are produced in Mindanao, are all exported abroad including sea and marine products and the poor end-users who have earned their purchasing peso by working abroad could wet their taste buds only with these agri products when they are outside of our country. And who gains in this scenario? Who owns the agri-corporations anyway? Who does the exportation? Of course, not our Muslim brothers of the Bangsa Moro nations! Which of our Muslim brothers own a share in Dole and Del Monte? Does the family of the Sultanate of Sulu own substantial investment in these agri-based multi-national corporations?
An agri-based and consumer economy will always remain a third-world economy. Free enterprise or free trade between a third-world country and a highly developed one will always be detrimental to the former. dr. Araneta saw this 50 years ago.
Who says we can produce cheap energy by expanding our geothermal facilities? Aren't they those who have interests in selling capital goods such as machineries that will make these geothermal facilities ran? Ran-down machineries and plants that are decades old from the Americas and Europe? Remember the Bataan Nuclear Plant? In Iloilo, they are ramming coal-fired plants into the throats of the people there!
Scroll down on the mineral DEUTERIUM posted a few months ago and have the vision of Dr. Salvador Araneta and we can see that we can bake our economic cake and eat it too!
A group of OFWs say they have the technology to do the exploration. What prevents them from doing so? It is because of the wild-card rantings of people who have pretensions for economic greatness from their swivel chairs perched on their ivory towers?
We wish that the article on Deuterium be posted again and let us start planning on a liquidation squad to kill (joke lang!) all those power hungry politicians who have enriched themselves and their families through the years since Magellan set foot on Cebu in 1521.

Editors Note:
INM Banwa_Mo Member Benjamin "Benjie" Estuche y Evicner -a Political
Commentator, was the former Editor/Publisher of the Iloilo's Truth Forum and
fearless Radio Broadcaster of DYRI Radio Agong in Iloilo. He was also a member
of the Panay Peace Monitoring Council right after EDSA-I to oversee the truce
between GRP and NDF armed components;the AFP and the NPA respectively.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oo0oo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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*Mark Anthony Onayan
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The Chickens and the Egg
Once upon a time, there was a large mountainside, where an eagle's nest rested. The eagle's nest contained four large eagle eggs. One day an earthquake rocked the mountain causing one of the eggs to roll down the mountain to a chicken farm, located in the valley below. The chickens knew that they must protect and care for the eagle's egg, so an old hen volunteered to nurture and raise the large egg.
--One day, the egg hatched and a beautiful eagle was born. Sadly, however, the eagle was raised to be a chicken. The eagle loved his home and family, but his spirit cried out for more. While playing a game on the farm one day, the eagle looked to the skies above and noticed a group of mighty eagles soaring in the skies. "Oh," the eagle cried, "I wish I could soar like those birds." The chickens roared with laughter, "You cannot soar with those birds. You are a chicken and chickens do not soar."--The eagle continued staring at his real family up above, dreaming that he could be with them. Each time the eagle would let his dreams be known, he was told that it couldn't be done. That is what the eagle learned to believe. The eagle, after time, stopped dreaming and continued to live his life as a chicken. Finally, after a long life as a chicken, the eagle passed away.
The moral of the story: You become what you believe you are.
--Shared by: Mon jocson (INM Banwa_Mo: WoodbridgeVA.-USA)
Who's Colored?
(A poem purportedly written by an African kid):
wen i born, i black---wen i grow up, i black.---wen i go in the sun, i black.---wen i scared, i black.
wen i sick, i black. and when i die, i still black.
--and u white fella, wen u born, u pink.---wen u grow up, u white.---wen u go in the sun, u red.
wen u cold, u blue.---wen u scared, u yellow.---wen u sick, u green. and wen u die, u gray. ---
and u calling me colored?!
(Thanks! to witty corner)

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