Ang Republika Federal sg Kabisay-an (The Federal Republic of the Visayas)

Historical Facts obviously omitted or deliberately hidden in our School History Books
(Source: History Reborn"The Federal Republic of the Visayas" -by: dinggol a.divinagracia*June 12, 2007)

*That Spain had already formally surrendered to the Federal Republic of the Visayas even before Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo was proclaimed Philippine President in Malolos, Bulacan on January 23, 1899. That our Independent Visayan Republic, had never been under the authority and jurisdiction of Aguinaldo's "Katagalogan" Republic in Luzon.

excerpted: "...A paper written by Jose Manuel Velmonte, a research associate at the UP Third World Studies Center, found that the Visayan revolutionary elites not only had sophisticated political ideas but also resented attempts by Malolos to assert its authority. A Tagalog military expedition sent by Malolos to Panay to assert its presence was met with hostility. The Luzon force led by Generals Ananias Diocno and Leandro Fullon was regarded by the Visayan revolutionaries, led by the Visayan supremo, Gen. Martin Delgado, as an ''invasion'' force ..." (Source: Inquirer-1999- 06-13 "View of revolt in provinces spurs revision" By: Amando Doronila)

According to Dr. Luis C.Dery, an eminent Filipino Scholar: "Expounding the extent of Aguinaldo's Philippine Army; the Bangsamoro nation's Mindanao, Sulu, and the rest of its islands never fell under Aguinaldo's politico-military control and sovereignty. In fact as late as August 1898 much of northern Luzon, southern Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao remained outside of the control of Aguinaldo's Republic. Thus, several military expeditions were sent to these places to bring' them to recognize the First Philippine Republic."

*That the 1898 Treaty of Paris preliminaries, should not have included territories of the sovereign "Visayan Nation"; the confederation of both the Central and Western Visayas Cantonal Governments by virtue of Spain's formal surrender prior to this U.S. and Spain treaty of peace (Paris) and the $20-million buy-out. Spain had no more legal rights to sell. In legal parlance "nemodat quod non habet” -meaning “you cannot give what is not yours”.

This diplomatic "Faux pas" that was supposed to be officially consummated and became legal and internationally binding only on APRIL 11, 1899 should, or rather must be rectified.
*June 12, 1898 -Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed Philippine Independence from Spain in Kawit, Cavite --but never won the war against Spain, as explained in the infamous betrayal --the "Mock Battle of Manila of August 13, 1898".

*Nov. 6 & Dec. 23, 1898 -Spain formally surrendered to both; the Negros Republic that merged (Dec. 2, 1898) with the Federal Republic of the Visayas based in Iloilo (respectively)

excerpted: "...These two nations, from a purely legal point of view, are COMPLETELY LEGITIMATE UNTIL TODAY. This could imply that the Manila-based Tagalista-oriented Unitarian central government of the Philippines in the Visayas and Mindanao is an Occupational Government, that ultimately originated from an invalid Treaty of Paris...."

Dr. Jose P. Dacudao; National President -Save Our Languages thru Federalism Foundation (SOLFED), Inc.

*July 4, 1946 -The United States of America granted Philippine Independence on a silver platter with strings attached.

"True Independence could never be just self-proclaimed nor bestowed upon, it has to be won and duly achieved with dignity" -- dinggol araneta divinagracia (Founder: Ilonggo Nation Movement (INM) Global Network ..Dec. 25, 2005)

*A lover of nature and reform activities by profession; a genealogist and environmentalist by avocation. A Cooperative Movement advocate, history buff and an amateur "newbie" writer)

"It is rather speculative as it is without basis of history if we mean of "history" is that which had been written for us by the "tutas" or lackeys of our colonial and imperial masters.." -- Benjie Evicner Estuche (INM Co-Founder)

The Cooperative Movement-"It is not the best way, it is the onlyway"..
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"ACTA DE CAPITULACION~1898" (The Formal Surrender Document)

"ACTA DE CAPITULACION~1898" (The Formal Surrender Document)
*Nov. 6 & Dec. 23, 1898 -Spain formally surrendered to both; the Negros Republic that merged (Dec. 2, 1898) with the Federal Republic of the Visayas based in Iloilo (respectively)
Ergo! we won our battle-scarred freedom and legitimate independence and became a sovereign nation. The "First" Republic in the whole of Asia, but was nipped-in-the bud by the ugly Americans. A diplomatic faux pas, a political blunder and a travesty of history! --dinggol.d~~~


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*Estado Federal de Bisayas*

*Ilonggo Nation Movement (INM) Global Network, precursor of the Ilonggo Nation Global Federation*

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The Aquino of Tarlac that I Knew

The "Aquino of Tarlac" that I Knew (By: dinggol a.divinagracia-INM Global Network)

"In memory of my good cousin Hernan; a true and loyal friend" --dinggol.d~~~

The time was long ago, when the "Aquino of Tarlac" that I knew was nurturing a dream to become the 11th President of the Philippines.

And so, our group in Iloilo with watering hole at "Felmas' Place" along Yulo Street in Iloilo City organized the "Friends of Ninoy-Iloilo Chapter" --headed by Ninoys' San Beda High School classmate and good buddy Hernan Peñaflorida Divinagracia of Pototan, Iloilo and by Ramonit Lopez of Jaro, Iloilo City. The group included Hernan's brother Rene, a staff member in the Senate office of the controversial Senator; Atty. Ramon Gonzales (of the Javellana vs Executive Secretary Supreme Court novel case); Raul Zarandin; Candit Pulmones; Manolet Custodio; Colay Borromeo; Boboy Jaleco; Bob Javelona; Dolping Besa; Johnny Cezar; Junior Juntado; Red Ortiz; Rudy Gorres; Virgil Vargas; KC Espinosa; EgmedioTraen of Antique; Ponsing Billones of Capiz; --many politicians mostly of the Liberal Party and others that I could no longer recall due to senior intellectual interlude.

Everytime Ninoy comes to Iloilo, he is without escort nor bodyguard but only his private plane pilot. And he always stay over-night nowhere else but at the Doña Aurora Subdivision residence of Hernan and Telly Piccio Yusay-Divinagracia in Iloilo City. And yes! we, the "Friends of Ninoy" acted as his personal bodyguards during his Iloilo sojourn. The last time the bespectacled Senator was in Iloilo was to act as principal sponsor in the christening of his former classmate youngest son named Benigno "Ninoy" Yusay Divinagracia.

When martial law was declared, the "Aquino of Tarlac" that I knew was the first arrested together with members of the political opposition and mass media; members of the academe, business and industry, labor, peasant and student leaders and others vocal against Malacanang.

During the early part of Ninoy Aquinos' incarceration, aside from his immediate family, those who dared visited him in the stockade, were very very few including Joker Arroyo and Hernan Divinagracia. Other close friends and many kins played it safe and shied away for fear being blacklisted by the martial law regime.

Then later, on that fateful day in August, 1983 history played its' role, and Ninoy's dream was destined to remain forever a dream. The tragic irony, his brutal assassination fulfilled his own words; "The Filipinos is worth dying for".

Hernan would again visit his "kumare Cory" and her children and stayed in their Times Street home in Quezon City; this time to sympathize and console with them during their moments of bereavement.

Fast forward:

After the successful EDSA-I People's Power Revolution, when the plain housewife Cory was transformed into "Her Excellency Corazon C. Aquino, President of the Philippines"; my primo Hernan decided to set an appointment for a courtesy call to Malacanang. The palace "Cordon Sanitaire" wondered how and why a "nobody" named Hernan Divinagracia easily got approval to see Madam President. According to Hernan, after the usual intimate gestures, Cory asked him in front of Executive Secretary Joker Arroyo: "Pare Hernan, anong gusto mong position sa gobierno?" --the shy guy Hernan politely replied that he would prefer just a low profile liaison officer position. Right then and there, his appointment was processed as Liaison Officer in the Office of Political Affairs in Malacanang headed by fellow Visayans Secretary Antonio Cuenco of Cebu with Manny Festin Martinez of Romblon as Deputy Secretary. "Ang lakas mo pala kay Cory", remarked the Executive Secretary in gist.

Knowing his happy-go-lucky lifestyle and easy going attitude, who frowns on serious public obligations and sensitive government responsibilities, I was not at all surprised. Hernans' family own prime residential and commercial properties and vast tracts of rice land, sugar land and fishpond in Iloilo. However, politics is in his blood. His father Atty. Tranquilino Villa Divinagracia was one of Iloilo's delegate to the prewar Constitutional Convention and his first cousin Mariano B. Peñaflorida was long time Governor of Iloilo Province. Detailed in Malacanang's Political Affairs Office, Hernan as Liaison Officer was like a turtle thrown into the lake.

Thereafter, we would meet with other "Friends of Ninoy" chapters in social gatherings in Metro Manila and his former classmates including Cesar Yatco, etc. --I distinctly remember, in San Fernando, Pampanga the numerous glaring streamers "Ninoy a Dream, Cory the Reality!" displayed along strategic places when we visited the Office of Bren Guiao, newly appointed Governor of the Province. Pampanga Gov. Bren Guiao, a trusted Confidant was tasked by President Cory to coordinate personally with Hernan. The honest-to-goodness relationship between the two proved fruitful as many Ilonggos were benefited.

During the early 1990's, Hernando P. Divinagracia passed away. Cory Aquino and family extended sincere expression of sympathy to his family. Presently, perhaps, except for two of us, all aforementioned original members of the "Friends of Ninoy" in Iloilo have also gone beyond the great divide.

On August 1,2009, the most revered Philippine President Corazon C. Aquino joined her "kumpadre Hernan and Kumadre Telly" and other departed friends of her late charismatic husband, the "Aquino of Tarlac" that I knew, in the kingdom of their creator where there is no more death but only eternal joy!

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